The 2020 BAFTAs have started in London, with stars arriving on the red carpet in spectacular style.

This year, the British Film Academy urged attendees to think sustainably when it came to their red carpet choices, asking that they wear vintage, recycle a piece they’ve worn previously or support designers for whom sustainability is front of mind.

Stars including Margot Robbie, Emilia Clarke (who shone in a column gown by Schiaparelli), Vanessa Kirby (in a cool Valentino look), Charlize Theron (in Dior), Saoirse Ronan (in Gucci) were in attendance at today’s event.

As with every year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in attendance for the glittering night, with Kate taking the academy’s note to heart, rewearing a piece by Alexander McQueen that she first wore eight years ago to a state dinner in Malaysia.

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